About Selfeey

Selfeey, World’s First Short Video Consultation & Social Networking Platform.
A complete all-in-one revolutionizing services that enables you to book reliable & cost effective Personal Video Consultation and avail services directly across 18+ Categories, 400+ specialized areas in Business, Healthcare, On Demand Technicians, Personal Care, Legal, Construction, Interior, Fitness, Diet, Beauty, Fashion & more. Get free direct Access to Robust connections of 20000+ India’s top Experts, Consultants, Trainers, Technicians, Professionals & more, add as a friend in your personal network, avail any service on your need instantly.

Our Mission

"It is our mission to scale and bring Selfeey to enable billion people to find best Experts, Consultants, Trainers, Technicians, Professionals & book short consultations instantly."

Why Selfeey?


Selfeey provides high-quality Service, trusted, complete Secured, holding highest ethical standards.
Consultants are advised that services must be delivered with high level of professionalism.

Cost Effective

You save 70% of Cost, pay directly to individual Experts, Consultants, Trainer & Technicians.
No Middleman, agents, or companies Operations Cost involved. Avail complete hassle-free service at your convenience

All In One

A new revolutionized complete all-in-one service
book reliable & high quality Video Consultation across 18+ Categories & 400+ specialized areas in Business, Healthcare, Personal Development, On Demand Services, Education, Legal, Technology, Construction, Fitness, HR, Beauty & Fashion & more.

Effective Social Network

First seamless social networking experience
add Experts, Consultants Trainers, Technicians, Mentors highly experienced professionals in your personal network to avail any service instantly or near future through video consultation.

Security & Data Privacy is our highest priority

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